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If you’re looking for level sensors for your engineering products, Applications Engineering are the number one choice with an extensive range available. Our level sensors are ideal for all manner of varied engineering projects and applications. It’s absolutely essential that each component of the system you are constructing is the best possible quality to ensure its reliability, and that is exactly why our customers keep coming back

Frequently Asked Questions

Which level sensor is right for me?

We have an extensive range of level sensors to choose from, so the choice really depends on your exact requirements. Get in touch with us if you need any assistance determining what you need.

What are level sensors used for?

Level sensors offer a range of applications across a number of engineering projects and industries, including pharma, FMCG and the automotive industry.

I’m looking for a level sensor to use in a chemical tank. Which should I buy?

The XMP/XTP – 800 Series Engineered Plastics Level Sensor has been specifically designed to monitor chemical tanks and vats, so we would recommend this as an option.

What’s the difference between the UCL-510 and UCL-520 Ultrasonic Level Sensor?

The UCL-510 is built for general purpose, small tank applications and comes with multipoint switching, whereas the UCL-520 is designed for use with ultra-pure, corrosive and waste liquids.

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