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About our Flow Switches and Sensors Range

Flow switches and sensors are at the heart of many industrial operational installations. Able to reliably and effectively measure both conductive and non-conductive fluids as well as gases, they can constitute a key component of your predictive maintenance strategy. Used to initiate, for example, alarm sequences, automatic shutdown procedures and fire sprinkler valve systems, they are often specified for rotating equipment, chemical processing, machine tools, robotics applications and semiconductor equipment, to mention a few.

Applications Engineering supply a large range of highly versatile flow switches, sensors and indicators for use with pumps, air, water and many other applications. Select a product that best fits with your project requirements or get in touch with our professional team to discuss your specific needs and place an order today. For your convenience, next day delivery is available on most of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

When might a flow switch or sensor be required?

Flow switches and sensors are often at the heart of many industrial operational installations. They are used to monitor the flow rate of a liquid, triggering an alarm should the level fall too low or become too high.

Why is a fire sprinkler valve system so important?

Having a fully functioning fire sprinkler valve system is vital in keeping people safe. They can contain fires, giving time for the emergency fire services to arrive and extinguish any threats.

I don’t know which type of flow switch or sensor I need – can you help?

Of course! Here at Applications Engineering, we are experts in what we do. We’re only ever a quick phone call or email away should you ever need any advice or assistance.

What are flow switches and sensors used for?

Flow switches and sensors can be used to initiate alarm sequences, fire sprinkler systems and automatic shutdown procedures. They are also often required for chemical processing, robotics applications and semiconductor equipment.

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