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Here at Applications Engineering, we stock and supply a huge range of Kytola products, and have garnered a reputation over the years for delivering exceptional customer service. Our collection of Kytola products can be used by a huge range of industries to suit a number of applications – from flow meters to oil lubrication systems.

We are proud to be the sole UK and Ireland distributor of Kytola products, and our team are expertly trained in each specific product. From Variable Area Flow Meters and Air Sampling Devices, to Constant Flow Regulators and Oil Lubrication Flow Monitoring Systems, we stock a vast collection of Kytola products and, over time, will add the full range available to the small selection listed above.

However, if you’re looking for a Kytola product that isn’t already listed above, get in touch with us today with your requirements. Alternatively, head on over to the Kytola products website and let us know which exact Kytola product you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Kytola products?

Kytola are known globally for the reliability of their high-quality flow metering, monitoring and control devices. Having provided an abundance of customers with quality engineered products since their inception back in 1945, the Finnish manufacturer has built a reputation for delivering innovation and quality, in terms of both their products and the customer service they offer.

Where can they be used?

Whether you require an asbestos air sampling device, a specific type of flow meter, or an oil analyser to detect water in oil or oil colour, Kytola products are designed to suit a wide range of applications. Specialists in flow meters and control devices, Kytola products are typically used by companies that work in food, power, mining, pharmaceuticals and wastewater management.

What Kytola products do you supply?

Here at Applications Engineering, we are the sole UK and Ireland distributor of Kytola and are incredibly proud to stock a vast range of their products. A small selection of these can be seen above but, in time, we will update our website to include the full Kytola product range we offer.

Head on over to their dedicated website to see this full range for yourself, and then contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

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