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Fire Sprinkler Flow Switches

A fire sprinkler flow switch is an essential component of any building’s fire suppression system. These devices detect water flow in the sprinkler piping and send an alarm signal to the fire alarm control panel when activated. Selecting the right flow switch for your application is crucial for proper system operation.

What Are Fire Sprinkler Flow Switches?

Fire sprinkler flow switches contain an impellor or paddle wheel inside the device that spins when water flows. This triggers an internal switch to send an alarm. They are installed on the riser or branch lines of the sprinkler system piping. When a sprinkler activates and discharges water, the flow switch detects the movement and signals the fire alarm system.

Applications and Use

Flow switches are a required component for wet pipe sprinkler systems in both domestic and commercial buildings. In domestic properties they help provide early warning of fire for home occupants. In commercial buildings, their main purpose is to quickly identify water flow so the fire alarm system can activate and alert occupants. This also gets the fire brigade responding promptly.

Flow switches are installed on each sprinkler riser, sectional valve zone, and floor level per the system design.

Common Applications

  • High-rise office and flat buildings
  • Schools, hospitals, care homes
  • Warehouses, manufacturing facilities
  • Large retail stores and shopping centres
  • Flow switches must comply with BS EN 12845 standards for automatic sprinkler systems. They are also required by UK building regulations. Most devices are BSI or LPCB approved

Testing and Inspection

Regular inspection, testing and maintenance of flow switches is required under BS EN 12845. A monthly visual check confirms proper position and lack of damage. An annual test verifies correct activation and alarm operation when water flows through the device.

Choosing the Right Flow Switch

When selecting a flow switch, key factors to consider include:

  • Pipe size and materials – Flow switches are made for different pipe diameters and materials.
  • Adjustable flow sensitivity – Some models have an external adjustment for fine-tuning activation flow rate.
  • Switch type and connections – Mechanical, paddle, or electronic switches with various output options.
  • Environmental ratings – Flow switches need to be suitable for their installation location.
  • Ease of inspection and testing – Check for built-in test capabilities and visibility of the switch status.
  • Proper application of flow switches ensures activation of the fire alarm system as soon as water flows through the sprinkler piping. Be sure to choose a reliable, listed device suitable for your specific sprinkler system. This will maximise fire protection for the building. Reach out to a fire protection equipment supplier for additional guidance and product selection.

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