B12C/D/E – Stainless Steel Diaphragms and Scale Pressure Switch

Pressure switch for control and regulation of all fluids and non-explosive gases. Suitable for compression plants, boilers, tanks, autoclaves, ventilation plants, lubrication plants. These switches feature a visual scale and adjustable hysteresis.

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Adjustment Ranges
B12CN - -0,2 to 8 Bar
B12DN - 5 to 16 Bar
B12EN - 8 to 28 Bar
B12CRN (for refrigerant) - -0,2 to 8
B12ERN (for refrigerant) - 8 to 28
Electrical Rating
220Vac - 16A(6A)
220Vdc - 0.2A
Switch Type
1/4"BSP Female