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About our ATEX Level Switches

ATEX level switches offer all of the functionality of conventional level switches, with the added design specification of suitability in potentially explosive environments. Level switches are a vital component for process control in fluidics, and are typically used to measure single or multiple levels within a chamber.

Our ATEX certified switches comply with the 1996 regulations directed at all machines, apparatus and control components that are capable of causing an explosion or are used in the processing of a potentially explosive material. The range is based on our conventional switches, which have been modified and rigorously tested for intrinsic safety in hazardous atmospheres.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which ATEX level switch is right for me?

You can identify which ATEX level switch you need by browsing through our product range above, or by getting in touch with a member of our specialist team.

Which industries are ATEX level switches most commonly used in?

Typically, ATEX-approved level switches are used in industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, landfill and sewage treatment sites.

What kind of apparatus are ATEX level switches used in?

In compliance with the 1996 regulations, ATEX level switches are used in all machines, apparatus and control components that carry the potential risk of causing an explosion. They are also used in machinery involved in processing potentially explosive materials.

What’s the difference between an ATEX level switch and a conventional level switch?

Both types of level switch offer the same kind of functionality, but ATEX level switches are specifically aimed at machinery involved in potentially explosive environments.

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