Solenoid Valves for High Purity or Aggressive Media

About our Solenoid Valves for High Purity or Aggressive Media

Commonly found in fluidics applications, the simple electromagnetic mechanism of a solenoid valve makes them a reliable and cost-effective component in control and measurement processes. They can be used in individually assembled in a manifold for more complex systems.

Our isolation solenoid valves have been developed with several body and diaphragm materials to control the flow of aggressive liquids and gases, or protect high-purity media. The range includes variations of body and diaphragm materials, voltage options, coil constructions and port configurations to ensure that you can find the most effective isolation solenoid valve for your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m confused which solenoid valve I need – can you help?

Yes! Our team have the expertise required to help pinpoint the right valve for you. We understand how confusing the decision can be given the range of choice we offer so, if you’re feeling a little lost, simply get in touch with a member of our team.

Are solenoid valves durable?

Yes, they are. Solenoid valves have a highly robust design so you can expect to get a long service life out of them. In general, one valve should withstand millions of fluid cycles.

Which is the better type of solenoid valve – miniature or sub-miniature?

It’s not really as simple as that. The choice between the two really depends on what you are hoping to use it for, both in terms of the system and the industry you work in. For advice on which is right for you, contact us today.

What are isolation solenoid valves used for?

Isolation solenoid valves are specially developed to control the flow of aggressive liquids and gases. Their body and diaphragm materials vary depending on what they’re being used for, as does their voltage options, coil constructions and port configurations.

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