SC1740/1741 – Vibrating Fork Level Switch with ATEX Explosion Proof Enclosure

ATEX certified vibrating fork type level switch with explosion proof enclosure.

The SC 1740/1741 ATEX certified vibrating fork level switch operates by using two piezoelectric elements built in to a vibration tube. The first piezoelectric element is triggered by pulse signal that is created from the circuit to transport vibration energy out, and the other piezoelectric element receives the vibration and transmits it to output electric signal. While the probe is in contact with material it will cause the frequency change of the output signal and will cause the unit to switch. Vibrating fork level switches provide reliable and maintenance free monitoring of  bulk solids and liquids alike.


  • Sturdy and durable design. No calibration needed.
  • designed to avoid the accumulation of material on probe.
  • High / Low fail safe modes
  • Field-operatable in sensitivity adjustment to fit versatile density of material.
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1 1/4"PT
Certification Level
EX II 2G EEx d IIB T3-T6 (updated 2009)