EAX – Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

This EAX Ultrasonic Level Transmitter has a range of advantages as a measuring device: it is easy to install, non-contact and low-cost. Due to the fact that this transmitter has no moving parts, it offers a fantastic combination of quick and easy installation, but very low levels of ongoing maintenance.

The Ultrasonic Level Transmitter can be applied to a very broad range of industrial applications for both solids and liquids.


During normal operation, the EAX Ultrasonic Level Transmitter emits a wave to the medium that is being measured. This wave reflects from the surface and returns to the device. Here the transducer is able to calculate the distance.

The distance is based on the time interval D = (334.1+0.6t) x T/2, where:

  • D = transmission distance
  • t = temperature
  • T = transmission time

It can be connected the PLC, DSC and SCADA systems, with 4~20mA output. Additionally, the transmitter is equipped with exclusive PULSE and AGC (Auto Gain Control) echo tracking technology, which ensures a very high level of precision.

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