XM/XT – Large Alloy Type Level Sensor

These rugged level sensors are designed for tanks up to 18 feet (5.48 m) in depth. Heavy duty stems resist turbulence, and float options accommodate liquids with minimum specific gravity as low as 0.53. Standard resolution is 1/2 inch (13 mm); higher resolutions are available on request.

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XM/XT-66400 : 4" NPT
XM/XT-36490: 5" ANSI Flange
Mounting material
316 S/S or Carbon steel
Supply voltage/output
XM series : 10 to 30Vdc with proportional voltage output
XT series : 8 to 24Vdc with 0-5V output
15 to 30Vdc with 0-12V output
10 to 40Vdc with 4-20mA output