EF – Bypass Level Indicator

The EF bypass level indicator is installed outside of a vessel or tank and the fluid within can easily be monitored by means of  coloured flags within a sight glass which rotate as the float inside the chamber moves up and down with the level.

In addition to the visual indication of the flags a transmitter can be added to the unit to give a 4-20mA output, switch modules can also be added for high and low level alarms. Transmitter and switch modules are available in ATEX approved versions.

Options for different build material for different media, including stainless steel (304 or 316), PVDF and Polypropylene with various connection options also available including custom fittings on request.

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304 or 316 stainless steel
Mounting Options
Various including custom
Flag colours
Red/White or Green/White
Output Options
4-20mA Transmitter (ATEX versions available)
SPDT switch modules (ATEX versions available)
Other Options
Scaled rulers
Bellows valves
Ball valves