Croydon Sprinkler System Prevents Another Grenfell Disaster

A fire sprinkler system has prevented another potential Grenfell-like disaster taking place in Croydon, saving the lives of hundreds of tenants.

Sprinkler Save

Back in mid-December, during the lead up to Christmas, a fire broke out in the kitchen of a flat in The Waldrons area of Croydon.

The exact cause of the fire is as yet unknown but, thanks to the activation of the retrofitted automatic fire suppression system (AFSS), it was contained effectively, giving the Fire and Rescue Service time to extinguish the fire before it could spread any further.

Immediate Impact

Following the Grenfell disaster, Croydon became the first London borough to announce it would retrofit AFSS into all high-rise blocks of flats of ten storeys and higher. Within the borough, 26 blocks were initially identified and are now fully commissioned with effective, working sprinkler systems.

This recent event demonstrates just how important having effective fire safety systems in place can be. Back in 2017, seventy-two people lost their lives in the Grenfell disaster, due to the unprecedented spread of a fire caused by a dangerous cladding material known as aluminium composite material. Now, thanks to the immediate activation of the fire sprinkler system, the fire was contained to just the kitchen, meaning the rest of the flat and other flats in the building were left unharmed.

Undeniable Evidence

As this event proves, retrofitted sprinkler systems are a highly effective safety measure against fire outbreaks. However, it’s not just this event that has proved this; there have been a number of cases demonstrating just how vital fire safety measures can be to saving lives.

Back in June 2019, for example, one of our very own AFSS systems saved hundreds of lives in a Southampton-based outbreak. Similarly, last year’s Andover-based Ocado warehouse fire was found to be worsened due to staff members turning the fire sprinkler system off.

Therefore, there can be no debate about how important these sprinkler systems are – but more still needs to be done. The government remains slow in implementing the necessary changes required, despite growing support and public pressure from leading fire safety councils like the CIC and BAFSA.

Our Thoughts

Here at Applications Engineering, we fully endorse the installation of fire sprinkler systems in buildings throughout the UK. We believe that events like this prove just how vital our systems can be to human safety, and demonstrate why Croydon’s stance on the issue is such an important one to follow.

If you own a building or property and are looking to install a fire sprinkler system, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with our team today – we’d be happy to provide you with any advice or assistance required.

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