Visual Flow Indicator – RFO/RFA Type With Continuous Output

The RFO/RFA flow indicator combines high visibility rotors with solid-state electronics that are packaged into compact, panel mounting housings. They provide accurate flow rate output with integral visual confirmation and an unprecedented price/performance ratio. The RFO has a pulsed DC output while the RFA has a 0-10V output.


  • Water Purification/Dispensing Systems
  • Chemical Metering Equipment
  • Lasers and Welders
  • Water Injection Systems
  • Semiconductor Processing Equipment
  • Chillers and Heat Exchangers
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Flow Range
0.4-225 L/min
Input power
4.5 to 24 Vdc, (24Vdc Regulated Supply for RFA
Output signal
4.5 to 24 Vdc Pulse, Pulse Rate dependent on Flow
Rate, Port size and Range
Polypropylene (Hydrolytically Stable, Glass
Reinforced), Stainless steel or Brass