AE VS1-A1 – Dual Port Fire Sprinkler Valve Set with Potter Flow Switch

Applications Engineering Ltd have developed an innovative, compact and affordable fire sprinkler valve set that covers all the requirements of a modern domestic and residential property fire sprinkler system and offers the following benefits and features

Benefits and Design features
• 1” BSP ports allow a Potter flow switch to be mounted either side
• Potter VSR-S Series designed for metal pipe with adjustable time delay
• 100% pressure tested.
• Lockable inlet valve handle
• Full bore test valve
• Glycerine filled 16 bar pressure gauge
• No loss connector allows gauge to be removed without draining the system
• Easy access for servicing
• Less joints minimise risk of leaks

Available in 1″ (25mm) and 1 1/4″ (25mm) versions.


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