A03 – Conductive Liquid Level Control Probes

Electronic level controls with probes to control and monitor the level of conductive liquids. Suitable to control autoclave pumps, steam generator pumps, tanks filling and emptying etc.

  • Fixing to rails of 35 mm EN 50022- 3 DIN 46277- 3
  • Case for 2 modules in shock- proof thermoplastic
  • Trimmer for regulating the detection sensitivity, variable according to the type of liquid being controlled.
  • Voltage between electrodes 8 V~
  • Detection range from 2 to 20 kW adjustable
  • Max. cable length 800 metres, insulation 600 V~
  • Insulation resistance 100 MW
  • Dielectric rigidity 1,500 V~ for 1 minute.
  • Output by SPDT electromagnetic switching relay, voltage free terminals.
  • Contact rating 5A 230V AC- 1
  • Compliance with standards CEI- EN 60947- 5- 1

Probe Holders and probes for use with A03 controllers:

EA18 – 3/8″BSP, 303 stainless steel, max 10 bar, 160°C, probe holder.

EA20 – 3/8″BSP, 303 stainless steel, max 30 bar, 250°C, probe holder.

EA19 – Supended sensor, cable to be supplied and fitted by user.

EA21 – Suspended PVC sensor with 6m cable.

1MP – 1m stainless steel probe to be fitted to EA18 or EA20 probe holders (other lengths available upon request).

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A03F - 24Vac supply
A03D - 110Vac supply
A03M - 230Vac supply
UA03Y - IP65 weatherproof enclosure for above