LS-750 – Submersible Water Type Level Switch

These units are ideal for use in oils and water. With a compact-sized float, slosh shield and weighted collar, the LS-750 level switch provides liquid level detection for a wide variety of applications. Suspend in stand pipes or sumps for leak detection duty, or drop into wells for ground-water monitoring. Supplied with 25 feet (7.62 m) of waterproof cable.


When the magnetic field of permanent magnet inside the float is moved into to the proximity of the reed switch inside the stationary stem, the reed switch contacts “snap” together and closes the electrical circuit. When the magnetic field is moved away from the reed switch, the reed switch contacts move apart and the circuit is opened.

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Switch rating
20 VA N/C
Electrical contact
Wetted parts
Stem & case
Electrical connection
7.5 m cable PVC
Specific gravity
Max pressure
10 Bar