Pressure washing: 6 satisfying ways to clean your home

Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water jet

Our homes gather a lot of dirt and it can sometimes feel like a full-time job just keeping on top of the chores. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to weave some cleaning time into our busy lives and things get neglected.

Then the months go by and those dirty fixtures and fittings around the house become part of the furniture and you are blind to them. Typically, it’s only when you have someone important coming to visit that you notice how shabby your home is looking.

A simple spruce up isn’t going to cut it for the patio that has been abandoned for years and you have forgotten what the original colour of your garden furniture was. Fortunately, there is a quick fix, a very quick fix, in fact, and it’s the pressure washer.

These powerful streams of water can wash away years of neglect in a matter of minutes, meaning your in-laws will never even realise how dirty your home was before they announced they were coming, just a week ago.

Let’s take a look at six ways you can blast away the dirt around your home with a pressure washer.

Freshening up your patio

Patios can seem like a great idea when installed but they turn dangerous if they aren’t regularly cleaned. Garden patios are prone to growing slippery organisms like algae or lichen in the cracks. They come in on the wind and are very difficult to remove.

As you sweep the surface you are helping them spread even more and the only tool for the job is a powerful pressure washer. The jet from the washer completely removes the lichen and algae from your patio, helping to stay cleaner for longer.

Lawnmowers and garden tools

Gardening tools and equipment, like lawnmowers, are designed to get dirty. However, if you leave them to get too dirty, they stop functioning properly, making what can often already be a chore seem even more difficult.

Lawnmowers can get clogged with grass cuttings, making them harder to push across your lawn and potentially blocking your grass collection box. This could spread grass cuttings all over your lawn, forcing you to get the rake out and make a simple job last twice as long.

Or you could take a power washer to your lawnmower, free it of excess grass clippings and make mowing the lawn light work. Other garden tools like strimmers and hedge trimmers can also be given a new lease of life by removing stubborn dirt with a blast from a power washer.

Outdoor walls

Scaling a ladder precariously leant against your outer walls isn’t the best way to clean them. Instead, you can blast them with a power hose from the safety of the ground, and more effectively too. Say goodbye to ingrained dirt and make your house look shiny and new!

Pressure washers can be used to clean most types of outdoor walls but you may need to turn the pressure down for wood or rendered surfaces.

Outdoor furniture

Garden furniture is wonderful when the sun is shining and the barbeques are fired up but over the colder months, they become neglected. With little reason to sit on them, many people’s outdoor furniture can grow dirty and grubby over the winter.

Plastic, vinyl or wooden furniture can often look like it has never been cleaned, possibly because it hasn’t, but with a power washer in hand, it’s actually pretty fun. As the years go by, our garden furniture grows grubbier and grubbier but with a blast of a pressure washer, it can look pristine once again.

Driveways, paths and patios

Cleaning the driveway is one of the most popular reasons for buying a pressure washer in the first place, so it’s best to use it for its intended purpose. Our driveway is often the first impression visitors get of our homes but they can also be really tough to clean.

A wire broom and some cleaning products will do a decent job of clearing the dirt from your driveway but is decent really good enough? Pressure washers can take care of your driveway in no time thanks to the large, flat surface you are working on. Blasting away at the driveway is satisfying because you can see an immediate before and after while doing it.

Garage floors

Garage floors don’t get a lot of love from their owners. They are often littered with debris from shelves above and any dirt falling from your gardening tools. If you store your car in your garage, you may have some oil spills from your engine.

Other common garage floor spillages that can be taken care of using a pressure washer include rust, paint and even bird droppings. Fortunately, you don’t have to get your hands dirty as you can set your pressure washer to its maximum setting and blast it all away.

The JetCleaner system


At Applications Engineering we specialise in hose cleaning systems, ensuring any blockage is dealt with efficiently and effectively. Cleaning pipes and hoses using the JetCleaner system removes blockages using compressed air to send projectiles through pipes or hoses which remove debris as they travel.

If you haven’t touched your pressure washer for a while then there is a chance it could be clogged. Our JetCleaner system is a fast and effective method for internal hose and pipe cleaning.  Thanks to the powerful guns, nozzles and projectiles, the JetCleaner system is ideal for all industrial needs from hydraulics to food and beverages.

We also make and design high-quality fire sprinkler valve systems and pressure switches. If you are interested in JetCleaner systems or would like to get in touch about fire sprinkler systems, get in touch with our experts.

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