JetCleaner Hose and Pipe Cleaning System

The Jetcleaner system is a fast and effective method for internal hose and pipe cleaning. The range of guns, nozzles and projectiles have been designed to serve all industrial needs from hydraulics, off-shore drilling, pipe& hose production to food & beverages.

The system is simple, quick and safe. Using compressed air, a polymer projectile is fired down the hose or pipe by the pistol using a suitably sized nozzle, removing dirt, swarf and deposits. The projectiles are able to negotiate bends, complicated pipe systems and hose coils.

There is a wide range of projectiles from standard polyurethane, product recovery to abrasive and grinding. The system is able to clean pipes from 3mm to 150mm and hoses from 3/16″ to 6.5″.

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Jetcleaner "Classic"
The original, with few consumable parts and a stable grip. A gun that is almost impossible to wear out.
Other available cleaning systems
Jetcleaner Cobra - Semi automatic pistol style.
Jetcleaner 2000SA - Semi automatic launch station for 6-60mm projectiles.
Jetcleaner 5000SA - Semi automatic launch station for 50-115mm projectiles.