FS-380P – Series Flow Switch

This rugged inline flow switch offers the same superior performance to non-clogging as its metal cousin (FS-380). The fixed set point and simple design make it an extremely dependable switch. The FS-380P is an ideal choice for coolant applications requiring reliable flow detection in HVAC, semiconductor, welding, medical and other industries.


When the magnetic field of permanent magnet inside the shuttle or piston is moved into the proximity of the reed switch inside the stationary stem, the reed switch contacts “snap” together and closes the electrical circuit. When the magnetic field is moved away from the reed switch, the reed switch contacts move apart and the circuit is opened.

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Flow rate settings
0.25 l/min to 7.6 l/min
3/8" NPT or 1/4" Quick disconnect adapter
SPST, 20VA, N.O. at no Flow
Glass Reinforced Polypropylene