AFS – Flanged Custom Multilevel Switch

Our custom length level switches are extremely versatile. Custom length levels can be configured with up to eight independent switch actuation levels, depending on the series type. These “multi-station” units offer the most practical way to monitor multiple liquid level points within a single tank. Only a single entry point into the tank is required, and all electrical wiring emanates from a single source. In addition to tracking changing level points of a single liquid within a tank, “multi-station” level switches are ideal for monitoring liquid interfaces and emulsions in vessels simultaneously containing two or more liquids.

The durable construction of these reed switch designs ensures long, trouble-free service. Because the effects of shock, wear and vibration are minimized, these hermetically sealed switches provide precise repeatability with no more than 1% deviation. The switch actuation points remain constant over the life of the unit.

We can offer many options including materials, electrical termination/terminal heads, ATEX versions, reed switches, PT100’s, temperature switches and fixing types; get in touch with your requirements and we will find a solution for you.


When the magnetic field of permanent magnet inside the float is moved into to the proximity of the reed switch inside the stationary stem, the reed switch contacts “snap” together and closes the electrical circuit. When the magnetic field is moved away from the reed switch, the reed switch contacts move apart and the circuit is opened.

For order specification please see the data sheet PDF below.

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