SD 20 – Optical Level Switch

The SD 20 Series optical level switch utilizes an infrared source and receiver. They  detect and verify the status of the infrared light reflection and penetration between the mediums in order to trigger the alarm output. The SD 20 Series benefits from the addition of a status LED so you can be certain of the level even if you cannot see inside the tank.


  • M12 or 3/8″G (PF) of connection
  • NPN, PNP Open collector output to energize relay or PLC
  • Over-current and reverse polarity protected
  • LED status indication
  • IP68, PC, Polysulfone or SUS304
  • Pressure range 10 kg/cm2 for PC, Polysulfone, 40 kg/cm2 for SUS304
  • Low level liquid detect ( 3 mm )
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Operating Pressure
10 bar Plastic/40 bar S/S
Operating Temperature
-10 to 125°C
Power Supply
10 to 28 Vdc