SLMx2 – Seal Water Flow Meter

Kytola SLMx-2 is a dual seal water flow meter that helps you save up to 75% water. It reduces energy consumption and costs remarkably.

The Kytola SLMx2 dual seal water flow meter safeguards your seals with sufficient liquid flow. The SLM’s can be cleaned and serviced on the run without interfering with your process.

The purpose of seal water is to cool the seal, lubricate the seal and to prevent the process media from entering the seal chamber. The seal condition can be determined by proper monitoring of the seal water flow and pressure.

Saving money and natural resources is vital in industrial applications. Kytola has a proven track record of combining optimized savings with top quality and reliability in their products. The dual Kytola SLMx-2 seal water flow meter is a synonym for strong performance and uttermost dependability.

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