LS-52100(E) – Level Switch

This level switch range solves the problem of point level sensing in tanks with inaccessible tops or bottoms, or at intermediate locations in larger tanks. Operation is positive and dependable. The float pivots with changing liquid level, displacing a shuttle which magnetically actuates a hermetically sealed switch within the unit. Installation is through the tank side at the detection point. Rugged, all-stainless steel unit offers broad chemical compatibility at temperatures to 300°F (149°C).

Explosion-proof (CSA/FM approvals only) and intrinsically safe models available (LS-52100(E)) (see ATEX section).


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Operating Temperature
-40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +148.9°C)
Switch Rating
SPST, 100 VA, N.O.
SPST, 100 VA, N.C.
Wetted Parts
316 S/S body with 304 S/S float
Specific Gravity
Mounting Thread
LS-52100 - 1"NPT
LS-52100(E) - 1"BSP
Max Pressure
500 PSI