PMN2A1/8K And PMN2A1/8KAP Pressure Switch


Max Voltage  48Vac/dc
Current  0.5(0.2)A
Piston (for high pressure)  AISI316 Stainless Steel
Temperature Range  -40c to +140c
Max Cycle Rate at 25c  200/min (Diaphragm Type)
Max Cycle Rate at 25c  80/min (Piston Type)
Switch Housing  Nylon 6,6
Strength Test  1500 v – 10 ma
Tightening Torque  max 5 Kgm

This series of subminiature pressure switches is generally used to check the pressure either in oil or grease lubrication plants and hydraulic, pneumatic and water circuits. This pressure switch is designed with an hexagonal body, NBR, Viton, EPDM, HBNR or Silicone membrane, silver contacts, faston connection and springs to balance and adjust the pressure to be checked. To adjust the pressure, turn with a small screwdriver the V adjusting screw, paying attention not to affect the spring.