Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are used throughout industry to give some form of electrical feedback based on a pressure reading. Pressure switches or sensors can be used to give indication on pressure rise or fall and will usually have some type of adjustment, enabling the user to choose the range at which the switch will operate. There are many types of pressure switches and sensors and also many different types of pressure measurement applications that a sensor may be designed to determine.

Pressure Switch Single Pole Single Throw
Single pole single throw pressure switches are a simple low cost way to monitor pressure in a system, they are available with either normally open or normally closed contacts. Applications Engineering have a range of single pole single throw switches available with many different options including thread types, electrical connections and body materials with adjustment ranges from 0.1 to 1 bar to 30-300 bar, adjustment is easily made via the...View products
Pressure Switch Single Pole Double Throw
PS711 (1)
Single pole double throw pressure switches offer the ability to choose either a normally open or normally closed contact within one switch, they also have the added advantage of being able to switch from one circuit to another. Single pole double throw switches are generally able to handle a greater current than single pole single throw pressure switches and are therefore more suited to more demanding applications. Applications Engineering are...View products
Electronic Pressure Switches
Electronic Pressure Switches
Electronic pressure switches are used where the application calls for a high level of accuracy and repeatability, they are robust and reliable and are easy to use with a large display and push button set up procedure. These switches are available either as a PNP or NPN switched output or a combination of a switched output and an analogue output so that pressure can be continuously monitored.View products